How to take attendance in Google meet?

Nowadays, especially during Covid-19 pandemic schools, colleges and other institutions are using Google Meet like applications to take their classes. When more number of students are attending online classes taking attendance is vital part.

There is no direct way in Google Meet to take attendance. But there are quit a few number chrome extensions are available to take the attendance at particular time or interval.

Meet Attendance is one of the widely used chrome extension for taking attendance. The following steps are involved for taking attendance in Google Meet.

  1. Install Meet Attendance chrome extension in the google chrome browser.
  2. Copy and paste the meeting link in chrome browser and join the meeting
  3. Click the tick mark that is available on mouse over the people right panel. When right click the tick mark it takes you to the google spread sheet and ask for permission for the first time. The following details shows the Meet Attendance toolbar options.
  4. By clicking the Open the Attendance tick mark all the people in the list automatically copied to your google spreadsheet.
  5. You can view the saved spreadsheets in google spread sheets

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