Do You Know This Way to Make Parenting More Joyful?

Do you know this one way to make parenting more joyful?

No one goes into parenting expecting an easy ride.

We all know there will be differences of opinion. We all know we will need to make BIG decisions and set limits and they’ll be BIG feelings about those decision and limits.

But, truthfully, did you ever expect it to be THIS HARD?

Did you ever expect to have to nag your kids so much?

Did you ever expect their pushback?

The anger and upset you’d face?

And did you ever expect it all to be so exhausting?

How Can You Make Things Easier?

Long before this year, parenting was under supported. We knew that showing up as the parent you want to be would be way easier if you had the support, the sleep, and the time you needed.

But if you are like 99.9% of parents you don’t have enough.

And THEN 2020 brought a pandemic!

And things got even harder.

That’s why we’re launching our new 5 Days of Play challenge.

If everyday life is like a wet blanket on your sparkle, stopping you from being a playful, fun parent, then this challenge is for you.

Over five days:

  • We’ll show you how to stop parenting from a stressful place – even when life is incredibly stressful.
  • We’ll show you how to gain your kids’ confidence and increase co-operation using tried and tested playful parenting tools.
  • We’ll show you how to turn frowns upside down, and be the light, easy-going parent you want to be.

Stop feeling powerless when your children show up with challenging behavior.

Kids’ brains are wired to pick up on our feelings, and when they sense stress it translates to them as insecurity and possible danger. Kids show us they feel all this with their behavior —Their challenging behavior.

When you lead with lightness, you also bring a secure, loving framework to your family.

That’s the true power of play.

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