Playground Beer

On this week’s episode, Dan, Rebecca, and Jamilah answer listener questions from an introverted dad who wants to raise a social kid and from atheist parents struggling with attending events at their local evangelical university. As usual, we share our triumphs and fails and offer up some recommendations. For Slate Plus, we talk about how to deal with differeing parenting philosophies among co-parents, inspired by Michelle Herman’s Care and Feeding column. Sign up for Slate Plus here.


Dan recommends the Audible versions of The Babysitter’s Club books, available August 13.

Rebecca recommends watching some glass blowing or, alternatively, watching the glass blowing reality show Blown Away on Netflix. (For more of a glass blowing fix, you can read Slate’s article “Who Invented the “Glory Hole”—Glass Blowers or Gays?”)

Jamilah recommends spending time away from your kids.

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Podcast produced by Jess Jupiter.

Hosts Dan Kois, Rebecca Lavoie, and Jamilah Lemieux

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