Pretty White Boy Edition

On this week’s episode: Dan and Jamilah are joined by Laura Tisdel to answer listener questions. A mom wonders how to deal with the privilege disparity between her biracial black daughter and her white son after she noticed her son getting preferential treatment at daycare. Plus, a mom asks about taking the fall for her daughter when her daughter feels uncomfortable standing up to a friend. For Slate Plus, the hosts talk about the parenting vices they won’t be giving up in 2020. Sign up for Slate Plus here.



Laura recommends Rivers, Roads & Rails, a game where you collect pieces to make transportation pathways, plus Catherine Newman’s list of her favorite games.

Dan recommends Azul, a tile strategy game where you pretend to be building Portuguese tile art.


Jamilah recommends Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning on Lifetime.

Additional Reading:

The Color Complex by Kathy Russell, Midge Wilson and Ronald Hall.

In 2020, Skip Your Resolutions—Embrace a Vice by Slate Staff.

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Audio engineering by Merritt Jacob.

Podcast produced by Rosemary Belson.



Dan Kois is an editor and writer at Slate. He’s the author of How to Be a Family and the co-author of The World Only Spins Forward.

Jamilah Lemieux is a writer, cultural critic, and communications strategist based in California.

Laura Tisdel is a book editor at Penguin Random House. 

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