The Hyphenation Headache Edition

On this week’s episode: Dan is joined by Elizabeth Newcamp and Gabriel Roth to answer a question from a mom debating whether her son should take her last name or her husband’s last name. Or they could hyphenate, but will that burden her son later in life? We also have a question from a dad whose son plays travel hockey, even though he sucks at hockey. For Slate Plus, Elizabeth tells us the truth about homeschooling. Sign up for Slate Plus.


Dan recommends the graphic novel Snapdragon by Kat Leyh, which is about a girl in a small town who finds a witch in her neighborhood.

Elizabeth recommends “Paint by Sticker” books, a great on-the-go activity.

Gabriel recommends Music Is My Life: Soundtrack Your Mood With 80 Artists for Every Occasion by Myles Tanzer and Ali Mac. A book that introduces kids to different musical artists.

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