Whoops…A Baby!

On this week’s episode: Dan, Jamilah, and guest host Elizabeth Newcamp answer listener questions from a mom who is contemplating telling her son he was unplanned before his father tells him. Plus, a guide to making friends with other parents from a military mom who has to do it every three years. How can you make the leap from school yard acquaintances to actual friends? For Slate Plus, the hosts reminisce about amusement park memories. Can parents actually have fun? Or is it all about the kids? Sign up for Slate Plus here.


Elizabeth recommends the U.S National Park Service’s Junior Ranger Program.

And in a stunning moment of unplanned host telepathy – Jamilah and Dan recommend the same thing: creating special handshakes with your kids.

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Podcast produced by Rosemary Belson.


Dan Kois is an editor and writer at Slate. He’s the author of How to Be a Family and the co-author of The World Only Spins Forward.

Jamilah Lemieux is a writer, cultural critic, and communications strategist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Elizabeth Newcamp is a traveling mother of three boys who chronicles her misadventures at Dutch, Dutch, Goose!

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